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Massage Service


Mon-Fri: 9am - 6pm 

Weekend Appointments Available (must be booked before Friday)



We are a massage service based in Hampshire, UK.​

Providing a professional massage service for clients, to enable them to enjoy the full massage experience in a comforting, relaxing environment.

Please Note:
Massage is a complimentary therapy and should not be used in place of medical care.

Always consult a GP or other Medical Professional for medical attention and advice.


Allow yourself to experience the benefits of a full body massage that will relax and relieve your body of any stress, aches and pains - as well as increasing blood flow, promoting a more restful sleep, boosting your health and wellness, allowing your body to achieve it's full range of movement by loosening and relaxing your muscles. 

Let the stress fall away!


Relax your body with an Indian Head Massage, which can aid in the relief of migraines, can relieve insomnia and fatigue, and even assist in relieving symptoms of anxiety and depression. Allow your energy levels to feel renewed. You may even find your memory capabilities are boosted!


Allow the hot stone massage to relieve that pent up

muscle tension and pain, the heat easing the suffering muscles.

You may find that your stress and anxiety lessen, and even

your sleep will improve.


Lymphatic drainage massage is a gentle massage which encourages the movement of lymph fluids around the body using light stroking movements. This method can be used to help drain the lymph that congregates after surgery to help reduce swelling and bloating. The fluid in the lymphatic system helps remove fluid and waste from our bodies. This type of massage can also help with digestive issues (bloating and constipation) as well as weight loss.


This involves the use of both hot and cold stones. Feel the benefits of a normal hot stone massage  paired with the an invigorated body and a relief from tiredness.


One of the top benefits of organic facials is that it’s gentler on your skin than a regular facial. Another benefit of organic facials is that it’s chemical free. You don’t have to worry about human-made chemicals being used on your skin where it can soak in., allowing a deep clean with organic and safe ingredients. Your experience will go deeper than just a superficial clean. 



We are now offering the ladies a pregnancy massage from the 2nd trimester. This massage loosens muscles and relieves muscle cramps and spasms. It helps  improve sleep, reduce muscle fatigue. Improves muscular strength which helps during labour, stimulates blood circulation, improves relief from acute and chronic pain, also alleviating myofascial pain and reducing the frequency of headaches. Strengthens immune system. as well as reducing depression during pregnancy, also reducing anxiety and stress - assisting to reduce your mood swings during pregnancy.


There are many purported benefits to Cupping Therapy, such as improving blood circulation and releasing muscle tension. Also useful for breaking up scar tissue as well as reducing varicose veins. Not only that but it is known for reducing inflammation and helping to speed up healing. After a session you will feel rejuvenated and will have gained promoted relaxation.


Bamboo Price.png

Thank you Sarah, you have made a huge difference to my headaches since having treatment these have reduced immensely, 

taking the stress out off my shoulders has given me more mobility with the use of my arms..

Looking forward to my next session.



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